Facebook changed Facebook in July 2020

Facebook in May 19 season is causing a series of sales headache.

Increasing bids, locked accounts, error payments are flooding. The interaction mechanisms of facebook have changed. Let’s review some highlights of facebook in July 2020



Firstly, we need to update some effects that facebook has just updated:

1. New facebook ads accounts are heavily searched, many accounts have been locked and suspended due to policies. The points to remember to avoid your ads account are locked as follows:

  • Pay off your account balance if you stop running temporarily with a postpaid visa account. Although your debt is not up to the level of payment, you need to pay 1 month in advance if you do not want to be searched and locked by facebook.
  • Avoid words, flattering content, keywords that violate facebook, brand sensitive keywords.
  • Avoid running brands, content words related to drugs, health, gambling, alcohol, sensitive areas …
  • Avoid using unknown codes

2. Facebook updates group features.

  • Facebook is updating new features for the group, interacting on the group has been updated. Help interact more quality, but also reduce the level of spam before.
  • Sharing on multiple groups has been turned off, meaning you can’t use any tools to post spam to groups right now. Which this can only be done manually.
  • Bad groups are being scanned and processed a lot. Sensitive groups are being deleted at a rapid rate whether public or confidential.

3. User account

  • New accounts are also heavily controlled. New accounts with even the smallest expressions such as comment spikes, likes, friends, posts are also noticed.
  • Next is the old accounts, no matter how old the accounts are also scrutinized for unusual actions, non-standard posts, annoying messages and spam.

4. Ads facebook.

  • Facebook ads have stabilized after a period of strong fluctuations, the interaction has been more stable. But the information is that costs have skyrocketed with the majority of people running ads

During this sensitive time and especially Facebook is being brought to the table for screening. You need to do facebook marketing carefully. Avoid doing things that may affect your facebook account, fanpage and facebook ads. But it is at this time that interactions have increased so take advantage of this time.

We wish you every success with facebook ads

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