June 2020 marketing highlights

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June 2020 is a month with many fluctuations from life due to the effects of Covi-19 epidemic. In addition to some positive information about the epidemic, there have been peaks in many countries and countries have gradually been controlling the disease. The work, commercial activities, transportation are not normal in the world.

Covi-19 is also an opportunity for online platforms to grow as the shifting trend works online. Along with that, due to the impact of the disease, the situation of finding customers is extremely difficult due to the sharp decrease in demand.

The marketing situation was also volatile in June. Due to the impact of the epidemic, online advertising platforms are tightening their operations.

Influenced by the lack of personnel and forced social reform in some countries, the assistance to advertisers is taking place rather slowly.

The situation of ad approval is prolonged, new accounts of Google are being paused quite a lot, complaints and policy violations are currently inundated information.

To address some situations on the account holders should note the following points:

  1. Do not increase the budget to run too suddenly with both facebook ads and google ads
  2. Avoid running sensitive terms, brands are susceptible to account suspension.
  3. Do not use new accounts running sensitive campaigns on google, running brands and sensitive products on facebook
  4. Divide the money so that in the case of a suspended account you can improvise
  5. Do not use strange, non-genuine promotional codes during this period.
  6. When the incident occurred, please calm down and consult expertly, appeal carefully

Above are some of the highlights of marketing in June 2020.

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