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Marketing challenges in the 4.0 period

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4.0 The era of digital technology opportunities and challenges

We are entering the period of 4.0 a period of digital boom. Life changed a lot during 4.0.

From the way we communicate daily to the way we handle affairs in our lives today has changed radically in the digital age. We can reach thousands of kilometers away from our loved ones over the phone, update the news every minute by the internet, handle complex tasks with a click that previously required thousands of manpower. .

Consolidated in this period technology has completely changed the way of marketing. From the traditional marketing method, it is labor-intensive and geographically restricted. Now online marketing strategies can promote and develop your brand quickly and without limit.

Thanks to the superiority of technology, the ability to connect the community, machine learning, search engines, AI has just aimed to satisfy and meet the needs of users. Search engines, social networking sites, online news sites, games are also a place to market products to potential customers.

What to do in the 4.0 marketing period

  1. It is necessary to take advantage of the advantages of technology including: Connecting the community through social networks and news sites, finding information via search engines …
  2. It is necessary to be ready to change and access new technology channels, and always pay attention to existing channels
  3. Ready to update new technologies from management, utilities, AI, software, tools to reduce the work for personnel but increase efficiency.
  4. Ready to be challenged by rivals.

What to avoid during 4.0

Keep in mind that during 4.0 when you know something, other people may know and will do better than you if you are not constantly improving.

  1. Do not fall asleep in victory: Sweet fruits brought about by technology in the 4.0 period can come very quickly but can go very fast.
  2. Do not be discouraged when you see your opponent is too strong because in the 4.0 period there are many channels to reach your customers. Gong can not because too scared but did not dare to do anything.
  3. What should not be done without thorough inquiry. If you are not really knowledgeable and passionate, you should hire someone to help you. Otherwise you will pay a lot more price.
  4. Do not be too busy when your resources are limited, need to find out which specific plan, which channel is most effective for you. You should seek specific advice before taking action.

Above is a scattering article about what to do in the 4.0 marketing period

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