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Some manifestations are noticeable when ads are clicked virtual on google

click ảo và cách nhận biết

Clicking on google is not only a problem in Vietnam but also a problem anywhere. But in Vietnam, the problem of virtual click has become extremely painful and become a headache for every advertiser.

Along with the development of technology in period 4.0, the tools to support advertising optimization also flourished. These tools help advertisers evaluate the effectiveness, performance … of the ad to give optimal measures.

But the explosion in technology has created a lot of upsides, and the virtual click software is also a part of it.

With the investment to learn how to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising, the top competitive costs and time spent are quite a lot. With the complexity, not all tools available in the market have been included. So instead of thinking of ways to optimize your ads, many people try to break the ads of others.

With the development of technology, autoclick software has become more and more sophisticated and able to surpass censorship tools of advertising sites. Instead of learning how to manage it effectively, users of these software just need to turn it on and their competitors will be helpless because of the sudden increase in advertising costs. To a certain point their opponent will automatically ask for goods by automatically withdrawing. From there, they can easily advertise without fear of fierce competition.

This action is extremely worthy of condemnation and can cause unpredictable consequences for all parties. This adversely affects the competitive environment and the advertising costs of all parties so how does it manifest.

Some manifestations of virtual clicks

  1. Spike costs know in a short period of time. Due to software, the number of interactions in a short time increases dramatically, resulting in a surge in costs.
  2. Interactions spike in a short time until the campaign’s budget runs out.
  3. Only a few keywords have an unusual amount of interaction with the amount of interaction.
  4. Only a single ip interacts in the same way.
  5. Interactions come from areas you don’t want.
  6. Your ad position is not too high, but it is interactive and has no customers to contact

Above are some manifestations of virtual clicks when you join ads on google. When you have the above symptoms, you should consult experts, learn and read the principles of google ads, use specialized software to give solutions (the software does not solve all but only add-on decision making).

Or contact us for further advice.

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