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Limit fake clicks for Google Ads ads


Fake clicks are a headache for any unit when running ads on Google Ads in competitive fields.

Fake clicks cause resource loss including:

Loss of advertising costs.

Loss of time optimizing advertising.

Loss of opportunity costs to reach potential customers.

Overloading your website.

It can be said that the most serious problem caused by virtual clicks is the loss of costs and opportunities to reach customers. In industries with high profit margins and fierce competition, the problem of fake clicks is even more serious. Competitors are unfair, by creating fake clicks. This causes you to quickly run out of budget and unable to reach potential customers.

Some options to limit fake clicks when advertising on Google Ads:

1. Break it down into campaigns and set a reasonable budget to avoid running out of budget.

The first thing you need to do when a fake click occurs is to split your campaign into many sub-campaigns. In which you need to divide it into reasonable time periods. If you have strong fake clicks, you should set each campaign for 1-2 hours.

2. Determine which keywords are being falsely clicked and negate that keyword.

In certain cases, your competitors only focus on certain keywords. The campaign you’re running is a broad keyword or phrase expanded campaign. You need to check if there are any unusual hits in the search term. If the actual search term is unusual, you should negate that keyword.

Some other options you may want to use:

Some of the following options may not be as effective as the options mentioned previously, but you can refer to them.

3. Block IPs that cause many fake clicks.

In many cases, your competitors only use a certain IP to create fake clicks to attack you. In this case, you should use IP tracking tools and block IPs suspected of causing fake clicks.

This case will not be effective in case your opponent uses fake IP.

4. You should optimize your ads and use advanced settings for campaigns with false clicks.

You need to consider your competitors comprehensively. From there, evaluate whether you can avoid competing with them.

Re-analyze keywords and consider running niche keywords.

Use specific audience targeting options for your campaigns.

Above are some options to limit fake clicks that you can refer to to optimize your campaign.


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