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What is SEO?

SEO – Abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. Is the process of optimizing a website to increase the quality and traffic of the website by increasing the visibility of the website to users on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yadex, AI… SEO involves related to improving organic search results. Additionally, SEO techniques can be used for different types of searches, including image searches, videos, academic content, news, and industry search engine results.

What is overall SEO service?

Overall SEO service includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO. These two services are closely related to each other in the SEO process, increasing keyword rankings on search engines.


Onpage SEO.

Onpage SEO services are the work that needs to be done to optimize elements displayed right on the website. The goal of this section is to optimize the content and display of the website to optimize search engine data collection algorithms. This helps search engines quickly index the website’s content and display content that matches the user’s search.

Onpage SEO services include:

  • Install tools and software to support SEO and SEO analysis.
  • Optimize articles, categories, Url, article content and display on the website.
  • Optimize user experience on the website.
  • Write content suitable for SEO campaigns.

Offpage SEO service

These are methods and tricks for optimizing outside the website to increase the website’s ranking on search engines.

Offpage SEO service includes tips:

  • Increase website traffic from developing website referral links (backlinks).
  • Increase website visits from developing social networking channels.
  • Increase traffic from advertising.
  • Increase quality rating for website.

Offpage SEO tips aim at the ultimate goal of increasing keyword rankings on search engines.

Advantages of SEO compared to other marketing methods.

The advantages of SEO can include some of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Increase customer traffic to the website throughout the SEO process.
  • Target customers better through SEO keywords to the top of search engines.
  • Website when SEO is keyworded to the top of search engines will display stably, with wider geographical coverage than paid advertising options.
  • Website when SEO has keywords to the top of search engines will create more trust.
  • The cost of maintaining top keyword rankings will be more competitive than the cost of paid advertising


Always put customer interests first

Because we always want to have a long-term relationship with our customers. So we understand that customer development and customer benefits are the key to this long-term relationship. Customer trust is always the guideline for our long-term development.

Always take credibility as the foundation

For us, trust is always the core of every job. In the digital age, trust is the most valuable thing to make every job go smoothly. When trust is maintained, core values are always shaped, interests are neutralized and all tasks are resolved satisfactorily. That’s why we always rely on trust to build trust

Experience in brand development.

With a comprehensive team in the field of brand development in general and SEO services in particular. With the goal of always putting customer problems first, solving customer difficulties is the goal. We always learn and update SEO solutions, methods, and updates to solve customer problems.





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