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GND Advertising, Google Display Network, What is website advertising?

What is GDN advertising?

GDN (Google Display Network) advertising is an advertising service provided by Google. A form of advertising on a huge network of large websites that are major partners of Google, applications, as well as products and services owned by Google (such as YouTube and Gmail). Units use GDN services to advertise banners about their products or services on websites that are partners of Google.

How does Google GDN Ads work?

GDN Google Ads works through the Google Display Network helping you reach the right audience. Through your targeting criteria, help you reach these customers as they browse websites, applications, and products Google offers. Your ads will show alongside the content your customers are viewing.

Factors affecting Google GDN ads?

Factors that can affect the appearance of GDN ads include:

  • Ad bid.
  • Content, images, videos of your ads, ad samples.
  • Your goal during setup to serve ads.

When to use Google GDN ads.

Google’s network of websites, applications and ecosystem is extremely large, so it can reach up to 90% of internet users. That’s why Google GDN ads can reach almost all potential customers. Google GDN advertising is very suitable for brand development and brand recognition on the internet platform.

How to advertise Google GDN effectively?

From the factors affecting Google GDN ads, we can optimize ads for the most effective advertising.

1. The most important thing is the goal of the advertising campaign.

First you need to determine what the goal of your advertising campaign is. From this goal you will determine your target audience. From identifying customers, we can analyze behavior and choose the right audience. From this customer analysis, we can limit the services, websites, and software that customers may frequently use for better targeting.

2. Images, videos, content of advertisements.

You need to create images, videos, and content that stand out but at the same time are associated with your brand. Designing good images, videos, and content will create a highlight, help customers remember the brand, and create higher potential conversion actions.

3. Ad bid.

Once you have determined the pages, apps, applications and audiences you are targeting, you need to set a reasonable bid for the ads. Normally, with large websites and famous apps, the bid price will be higher. That’s why you want your ads to appear often, or appear more prominently. You need to choose a reasonable bid level to avoid wasting costs, but at the same time avoid losing potential customers due to ads not being displayed.

Effective website advertising.

From the above analysis we can see that using Google GDN can help us target advertising on some websites. From optimizing GDN advertising, we can target the websites we want.





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