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Google marketing – learn about marketing on google search.

Khi nào nên làm google marketing tìm kiếm

First of all, in this article we only consider marketing campaigns on Google’s search engine. Some additional marketing integration options can be mentioned for the overall marketing campaign.

Google is a search engine that is leading the market share globally. In Vietnam, Google is the search engine that dominates the market with an almost absolute number of users in the search market share.

1.Outstanding advantages of Google search service in the Vietnamese market.

The number of google users in Vietnam is large.

In the Vietnamese market, Google’s search engine is dominating the race to provide search services. More than 90% of Vietnamese Internet users use Google search every day. According to statistics as of September 2022, Vietnam has 72.1 million people using the Internet (reaching 73.2% of the population) in daily life. Thus, Vietnam has more than 64 million people using Google on a daily basis.

Google search is the best and most popular search engine in Vietnam.

Not only does it account for 90% of Vietnamese Internet users who use Google search on a daily basis. Google’s search service is also highly appreciated by users. With data collection technology and website rating ranking, it is always improved. The ordering of search results depends on their ranking according to Google Search’s hierarchy thanks to complex synthesis of keywords, pagerank, sitemap… Search results are also classified according to other users. different, it depends on geographical location (taken according to the visitor’s access IP). In addition, Google Search also uses cookies and features that store users’ search habits (personalize search results) to create search results. In general, Google Search’s algorithm for arranging and displaying results is quite complex and it is the technological secret through which Google can dominate the market.

Google search is an information search channel with a strong increase in users in Vietnam.

When there is any trend, any event, you need to find information quickly. Most users will use search applications to quickly update information. An example can be seen during the pandemic, statistics from Google show that the number of searches on Google increased by 37% in 2021 compared to before the pandemic.

According to Google, 97% of new consumers are still using online services and 99% of them intend to continue using them in the future.

2. When should you do marketing on Google search?

As for Google, when you want to quickly find customers immediately, start thinking about Google immediately. With Google search, you can quickly bring your products to those in need through this search engine.
Not only that, Google has integrated the Google Shopping feature to help you put your store on this search page.
For fixed stores and fixed sellers, Google Maps is a good choice with the most used directions search application.

Google search advertising services are very suitable for customers in the industrial sector, customers whose products need a lot of information, brand developers…

Some recommendations on when to do marketing on Google search.

When I first started my business, I didn’t have many potential customers.
When your product has high search traffic on Google.
When you already have a website and want to develop it, along with finding customers.
When you need to develop your company’s brand to make it more known to customers.

3. Types of services on google search.

Google search will have the following basic types:

  • Google paid search with google ads service: You pay to get rankings according to your needs.
  • SEO ranks the website to the top of Google search.
  • Google Shopping.




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