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1. What is YouTube, why should you advertise on YouTube?

YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform today. YouTube is the second most visited website after Google Search. Currently YouTube is owned by Google.

Available content includes video clips, TV clips, music videos, short documentaries and documentaries, audio recordings, movie trailers, and other content such as video blogging, short creative videos and educational videos.

Because the content is diverse, it attracts many users. YouTube has always been of interest to content developers, media companies, and advertisers. YouTube can influence awareness, decisions, and behavior better because videos are more visual and engaging than text content.

2. Advertising services on YouTube.

Advertising services on YouTube are very diverse including:

  • Youtube channel development includes: Increasing interaction, increasing viewing time, increasing registrations.

  • Develop Youtube content.

  • Display ads on YouTube: Ads displaying images, videos, and products on YouTube pages.

3. How to advertise on YouTube.

Advertising on YouTube is done through Google Ads advertising. Through your Google Ads account you can set up advertising on YouTube through a display campaign.

Display ad campaigns let you run ads that display images or videos. Along with that, you can advertise videos on your company’s YouTube channel.

Advertising on YouTube not only develops brand recognition but also develops brand coverage. Advertising on YouTube also brings a large customer base through a diverse user base.

YouTube ads are valued for their user base and ability to influence perception and conversion. That’s why YouTube is always popular with content developers and big brands on their own channels.

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