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Some easily noticeable symptoms when ads have fake clicks on Google Ads

What are fake clicks on Google Ads?

Fake clicks are clicks caused by a third party or competitor intentionally clicking on an ads. Fake clicks are usually clicks from auto click tools based on the auto IP fix mechanism, searching by keywords, continuously clicking on ads in natural ways to bypass the filtering tools of advertising publishers such as Google Ads. . Most fake clicks will cause the advertiser to suffer economic losses and greatly affect the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

What causes fake clicks on google ads?

The reason for fake clicks is mainly due to the highly competitive array of keywords and translated products on Google Ads. Unfair competitors who want to destroy other competitors’ advertising. With advertising products displaying virtual clicks, it also arises from intentionally using click software to increase advertising income of websites where ads are placed.

Harmful effects of fake clicks on Google Ads.

The biggest harm to advertisers is that costs increase dramatically, ads are ineffective, customers cannot access the advertiser’s products due to virtual click attacks. Fake clicking on Google Ads also causes advertisers to waste time optimizing and finding solutions.


Fake clicking on Google ADS in VietNam

Fake clicking on Google ADs is not only a problem in Vietnam but also a problem anywhere. But in Vietnam, the problem of fake clicks has become extremely painful and has become a headache for all advertisers. Along with the development of technology in the 4.0 period, advertising optimization support tools also develop strongly. These tools help advertisers evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency… of advertising to come up with optimal measures. But the explosion of technology also creates many downsides, virtual click software is also a part of this downside. With the investment to learn how to optimize effectiveness and efficiency for advertising, the cost of competing at the top and the time spent are quite a lot. Along with that comes complexity that cannot be achieved with any tool available on the market. That’s why instead of thinking about how to optimize their own ads, many people find ways to destroy other people’s ads. With the development of technology, autoclick software appears, becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of bypassing the censorship tools of advertising sites. Instead of learning how to effectively manage stars, users of these software just need to turn on the software and their opponents will fall helpless because of the sudden increase in advertising costs. At a certain threshold, their opponents will automatically surrender by automatically withdrawing. From there, they can freely advertise without fear of fierce competition. This action is extremely condemnable and can cause unpredictable consequences for all parties. This negatively affects the  competitive environment and advertising costs of all parties, so how does it manifest?

Some manifestations of fake clicks on Google Ads

  1. Costs increase dramatically in a short period of time. Due to the software, in a short time your number of interactions increases dramatically, leading to a sudden increase in costs.
  2. Engagement spikes briefly until the campaign budget runs out.
  3. Only a few keywords have unusually high engagement volumes.
  4. There is only one IP that interacts in exactly one way.
  5. Interactions come from areas you don’t expect.
  6. Your ad position is not too high but there is a lot of interaction and no customers contacting you

Above are some symptoms of virtual clicks.

When you participate in advertising on Google. When you have the above symptoms, you should consult an expert, learn and read carefully the principles of Google Ads operation, and use specialized software to provide solutions (the software cannot solve everything but only decision support). Or contact us for further advice. See more about: Marketing on google


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