Why should you do integrated online marketing?


First of all, we consider that this article will not be able to cover all online marketing options. Some marketing options will be contained within another marketing option. But this article will analyze the outstanding advantages of combining marketing options.

We suggest some general online marketing options you can use: Facebook (fanpage development and advertising), Google (SEO and SEM), Zalo, TikTok in Vietnam.

We can go over some of the benefits that you bring when you do a comprehensive online marketing program.

1. You can reach potential customers more effectively.

When you use comprehensive strategies when doing online marketing, you can reach potential customers across online channels.

According to 2021 statistics, Vietnam has about 66.9 million regular smart phone users. According to statistics this year, there are 93.1 million regularly active subscribers in Vietnam.

In particular, the time spent using social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, TikTok and Google services accounts for the majority of them.

So when you do comprehensive marketing across all online channels, you will have more time to reach potential customers. From there, you can influence customers’ decisions when your brand regularly reaches them.

When your customers first approach your services and products, they have not yet made a decision to convert. Combining multiple channels and tracking conversions will help you introduce your products and services to one customer when they use another service. Follow-up visits can lead to conversions for customers.

2. Different marketing channels will effectively complement each other.

When you do overall marketing, you can understand that tracking pixels on Facebook and tagmangers are indispensable. When customers visit one of your marketing channels, you can continue marketing to them on other marketing channels thanks to these tags. As a result, your conversion rate will increase.

When you do comprehensive marketing, different channels will help complement the effectiveness of other channels. For example, when you run Facebook ads, visits from Facebook can supplement your SEO process. When customers access the website from Google ads or SEO processes, this customer file can be used as an optimized file for Facebook ads.

3. When you do comprehensive marketing, your brand will be fully developed.

In the aspects we have analyzed, it is possible to display and cover all channels. In addition to increasing your opportunities to reach customers, your brand is also enhanced. Elevating your brand through brand recognition is very important. The decision to purchase and convert customers to products and services.

4. Take advantage of greater competitive advantage.

When you do holistic marketing, you will have many alternatives and can increase conversions. When comparing the effectiveness of online marketing channels, you can evaluate which channel is the most effective to focus on.

Another case is when you are destroyed by your competitors in a certain advertising case. You may have other alternative channels to avoid excessive attacks affecting operations.

Therefore, when using a combination of marketing channels, you can maximize the performance of your online marketing campaign.


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