Detailed information about directadmin software

Phần mềm directadmin

1. About Directadmin Software

DirectAdmin is control software for web hosting servers. DirectAdmin is intuitive graphical software that allows administration of websites through a web browser. The software is configurable to enable standalone, reseller, or shared web hosting from a single web server. DirectAdmin also allows managing server tasks and upgrading software packages (such as Apache HTTP Server, PHP, and MySQL) from within the console. DirectAdmin helps simplify server and storage configuration.

Directadmin quản trị VPS

Directadmin manages VPS.

Directadmin quản trị trang web

Directadmin manages hosting for web.

Minimum installation requirements for the server:

DirectAdmin is developed on the Linux operating system platform. DirectAdmin was born to manage shared website hosting servers. DirectAdmin is a stable system that is easy to use and manage. Furthermore, Directadmin’s file management layout is clearer and simpler than cPanel. DirectAdmin is compatible with several versions of Red Hat, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

The minimum DirectAdmin usage configuration is:

– Processor: 500 MHz.

– Memory: minimum 1GB.

– Hard drive: minimum 2GB.

2. Advantages of DirectAdmin.

Outstanding advantages of DirectAdmin include:

Simple method of use.

Although DirectAdmin’s user interface is relatively simple, it still has all the necessary features. This software is divided into 3 types of accounts, in order from high to low level: Administrator, Reseller, and User. Most especially, in just one login with this software, users can easily switch between 3 types of accounts with ease.

Extremely fast processing speed, low resource consumption.

DirectAdmin’s advantages are extremely fast processing speed and high adaptability. Besides, the interface of this software is also designed to be minimalist, easy to use and consumes little system resources.


In particular, the stability of DirectAdmin is very high. It can operate for a long time without encountering system errors like other hosting management software. In addition, DirectAdmin also has the ability to self-recover in case of an error by restarting the system.

Low copyright price.

Although it has many outstanding features, DirectAdmin’s license price is quite low, with just over 2 million VND for lifetime use.

3. Some disadvantages of DirectAdmin.

Disadvantages of DirectAdmin include that directAdmin’s features are not as complete as cPanel. This can be understood due to the simplicity and lightness of DirectAdmin. When you use DirectAdmin you must also have some programming skills, some features on DirectAdmin require the use of commands. Customization on DirectAdmin is also more complicated than other visual web server control software.


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