Instructions for installing Memcached on VPS Directadmin and SSH


1. Introduction to Memcached.

Memcached is a system that stores copies of objects and data that are accessed multiple times to increase retrieval speed. It is commonly used to optimize data loading from databases for web-based applications. Initially, the memcached system was developed by Danga Interactive and used for LiveJournal. Memcached then became popular and was used on other websites.
Memcached is a simple, highly scalable, key-based that stores values and objects whenever RAM is available, serving the fastest access, without having to Access the database or resources on the hard disk.

Unlike redis, Directadmin is built into the CustomBuild installation toolkit. When you want to install Memcached on Directadmin we need to go through the SSH command.

2. How to install Memcached on VPS Directadmin.

First you need to have access to SSH on the VPS. See details about the reference settings of VPS management SSH commands.

Once logged in to SSH use the following command to install mencached.

yum install memcached -y

Start memcached with 2 commands:

systemctl enable memcached
systemctl start memcached

Check the status of memcache:

systemctl status memcached

Check if php-memcache is integrated:

php –m | grep memcache

If there is nothing, let’s install php-memcached. Install support packages for installation:

yum install php-devel php-pear –y

Install php-memcache:

yum install libmemcache-devel
pecl install memcache

Check if the module is working:

php –m  | grep memcache

To be sure, you can check netstat with Memcached’s default port:

netstat -nltp | grep 11211
netstat -nltp | grep memcached


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