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Should use Memcached or Redis cache for WordPress website.

memcached vs redis for wordpress

1. Install Memcached or Redis cache for WordPress website.

This article analyzes the use of memcached and redis cache for WordPress hosting or VPS hosting.

This is often combined with an installation plugin for WordPress that uses redis or memcached cache technology (e.g. litespeed).

This means that this article will talk about optimizing the hosting or VPS you are using for WordPress.

2. Basic requirements for installing redis or memcached.

Please  review the installation requirements of redis or memcached according to the articles below:

With redis: Articles about redis

With memcached: Article about memcached

3. Evaluation of memcached and redis for wordpress websites.

If you need a review of memcached and redis caches please review our review of these two caches Compare Memcached and Redis Here.

So when should you use Memcached to optimize hosting for WordPress?

We evaluate the case if you use it for a news blog, or your site is purely a news site, rarely using tags and categories. Choosing to use Memcached is optimal, this helps your hosting reduce load and achieve the highest speed.

When should you use redis cache to optimize WordPress?

We evaluate you as a professional seller. Your website contains a sales shop, sales shop information is constantly changing, you have many product tags and keywords. One option of using redis cache is the best thing for you. Because of its superior features in the process of storing and updating its cache memory.

The next case is that you have a news page with many tags and categories, you can post a lot of information in one day. A memcached hosting or VPS will be overloaded when processing the information you update, but redis will reduce that load.

Although they have their own advantages and disadvantages, redis and memcached are still the optimal options for you in case you cannot understand in-depth server programming.


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