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Advertising Potential on Google in Ho Chi Minh City

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City. Ho Chi Minh is a dynamic city in the country and has a large population. Preliminary population in 2021, the city’s population is 9,166,800 people (accounting for 9.3% of Vietnam’s population). However, if we count residents without household registration, the actual population of the city could be 14 million people living and residing regularly in the city. HCM.

Regarding the economy, Ho Chi Minh City plays a leading role in the Vietnamese economy. The city accounts for 0.6% of Vietnam’s area and 8.34% of its population but accounts for 20.5% of total GDP, 27.9% of industrial production value and 37.9% of foreign projects. . As a city with an open and dynamic economy, City. Ho Chi Minh City has always been the country’s leader in economic development. In recent years, the city’s digital economy has also undergone strong changes. Typically with the City. Ho Chi Minh is a leader in digital transformation. It is a city with a fast and strong growing digital economy in Southeast Asia. Is the destination for technology companies and digital transformation companies. City. Ho Chi Minh has advantages for development and explosion.

With Google’s pervasive advantage in the Vietnamese market. More than 90% of Vietnamese Internet users use Google search every day. Users in City. HCM always considers Google as the leading search engine.

From there you can see the City. Ho Chi Minh is a potential market for Google advertising.

So what do you need to advertise on Google to get the most effectiveness?

There are 2 ways to do advertising on Google:

  1. Paid search via google ads.
  2. SEO optimizes the website to push keywords to the Google search engine.

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